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Odd Arising

Odd Arising is a pencil drawing on paper which I consider a peak drawing. It's emotive like a tangled gut feeling laying down principles as a path to be walked over. Amalgam of all the loves felt and left behind. You can get what you want but you're bound to receive what your due for. Shades of downbeat habits printed in footsteps down dark alleys and brightly lit expectations. Crisp lines drawn with a sure movement that comes from an extended spell of delighted practice resulting in a peak period where everything flows. A meditation throughout my life has been how to reach a peak period and hold it for as long as possible by letting go of disturbance, wanting and clinging, states that drag you from being able to lose yourself in the concentration of the moment now. When you are lost in the now of painting or drawing or writing or singing or whatever your choice of the next moment, you are lost in your own still whirlpool, lost in the concentration of the new arising, of creation, of birth and the delivery is wonderous. We are energy arising in creation and our choice of energy patterns determines our individual and collective direction.

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