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Lockdown Painting goes whackier

Day 3 of the lockdown painting was spent mostly editing photos of paintings onto a film timeline over one of my audio tracks. I started making the films in a kind of hap hazard way, but now I'm thinking of planning, for instance, matching poetry audio tracks with the drawings from my notebooks of the same era. I am a little overwhelmed by covid research and am drifting towards acceptance of what will be will be. All lives start and end, mine closer to end than start, by a country mile. So it time to bring my meditations back to looking for universal union. So I determine to set a pattern of joyous thought leading to delightful manifestations arising moment by moment. Expect some films with songs, poetry and stories. Broadcasts from my London studio on my Younow channel with live panting and pottery...well...painting and poetry. My thoughts manifest each moment as it arises and our collective thoughts manifest the human timeline, so join me and help manifest a timeline of creativity, delight and our greatest possible expansion.

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