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I grew up a lazy child, cynical, world weary, smoking cannabis to relieve the tedium and habitually lying on my bed hypnotically & repetatively telling myself..."I am not comotose and fat...I am not comotose an..zzzzz". My powers of self hypnosis grew and I found that I could lie and lie on my bed more convincingly each time. I lied to myself so well that i now believed everything I told myself. Nothing and no one could convince me otherwise. I was a closed shop. Circling myself. Cased in my own concrete. Unable to let any outside information come inside. It was then I realised I was human and my life was being spent rolling around in my own bubble encased by self imposed concepts. I'm taking a bath now. I will wash off my bubble and watch myself pour down the drain with no boundaries to the delight of existence.

"Khosi's Journey" Child sets out on life's journey. Always conscious. (Photoshop graphic with paintings, drawings, prose, stencil and mask by Richard Heley)

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